Our Values
Killing Complexity
  • At Veritas, we believe in keeping things simple. This is our guiding principle in providing any service to our clients, whether it be designing, implementation or valuation of different benefit structures.
  • Whilst our work involves use of best in class models and data-backed research, all our deliverables are strictly prepared on a principle of ‘no jargon and intuitive explanation of the results’, which any financial user can understand.
  • At Veritas, we explain what we do!
Making Commercial Sense
  • This is the most important lens for us in recommending any solution to our clients. If something doesn’t make financial and commercial sense, we do not shy away from recommending you against it.
  • We manifest this value in our work by:
    • Designing customised solutions for our clients which fit their business and needs.
    • Ensuring our clients fully understand all the risks attached with any benefit structure, including the financial implications if such risks were to materialise.
    • Being fair and objective in valuing any benefit structure, using sound judgement and not letting our models become a black box.
  • At Veritas, we speak your language!
Delivering Delightful Experiences
  • We at Veritas constantly strive to deliver services that delight our clients.
  • At the heart of our endeavour of truly delighting our clients is our core philosophy of ensuring all our solutions provide comprehensive coverage for all affected stakeholders. Our clients therefore get a full view of how any solution will impact different parts of their business and can take a well-informed decision.
  • At Veritas, we want you truly delighted!